Access Management

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End-to-end IT control and seamless user experience Mobile IAM - BYOD Done Right Identity, access and inventory management Context-based policy enforcement End-to-end management Network Access Control (NAC) Pre-connect and post-connect Network Access Control (NAC) Solution for wired/wireless LAN and VPN users Managed guest access control with sponsorship Unified policy management

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Product Overview
Extreme Networks provides two solutions for controlling network access, end-to-end, across the wired/wireless networks: Mobile IAM and Enterasys Network Access Control (NAC). Both solutions use Extreme Networks award-winning network access control technology with its unique, single end-system database and industry-leading policy management granularity.

Mobile IAM
Mobile IAM, “BYOD Done Right,” is a comprehensive BYOD solution that provides total security, full IT control and predictable network experience for all users. Mobile IAM addresses IT challenges being driven by today’s enterprise and campus mobility imperatives providing end-to-end visibility and control over individual users, devices and applications, in multi-vendor infrastructures. Policy management is the most granular in the industry including per port, per device layer 2-4 access control, QoS/priority, rate limit/shape and more. Real time tracking and unique state change notification for over 45 attributes per device and user give IT maximum visibility into all network activity. It offers an open architecture for assessment (MDM integration) and threat response (Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)).

Network Access Control
Extreme Networks Network Access Control (NAC) is a complete standards-based, multi-vendor interoperable pre-connect and post-connect Network Access Control solution for wired and wireless LAN and VPN users. Using Enterasys NAC Gateway appliances and/or NAC Gateway Virtual Appliance with NetSight NAC managementconfiguration and reporting software, IT administrators can deploy a leading-edge NAC solution to ensure only the right users have access to the right information from the right place at the right time.


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