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Cell Site Router Low latency for LTE Line rate performance Compact size – 1 RU and only 10 inches/25.4 cm in depth

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Product Overview
All Extreme Networks advanced routing and switching features, including IPv6, are available on this compact and powerful platform.

The highly scalable Extreme Networks E4G-200 cell site router is a new carrier-grade Ethernet platform designed to enable true 4G mobile backhaul networks through three capabilities – synchronization, resiliency, and performance. The E4G-200 provides industry-standard pseudowires, supporting both CESoPSN (framed and channelized) and SAToP (unframed and unchannelized) TDM services. By converting TDM T1/E1 connections from 2G and 3G services over pseudowires for transport over Ethernet mobile backhaul, the E4G-200 cell site router enables the support of multiple generations of services over a single Ethernet mobile backhaul network.


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