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I. Rack and Tower Servers :
HP ProLiant rack and tower servers provide the right Compute for the right workload. Small business, remote office, or departmental use? Check. Expansion and large-scale applications and databases? Covered. It’s about flexibility for a wide range of applications.
The HP ProLiant portfolio:
Economical entry-level microservers for collaboration and file sharing with low TCO.
Expandable tower servers for remote or branch offices and for growing businesses.
Versatile rack-optimized servers for space-constrained environments providing superior performance for virtualization and a wide range of applications.
Scale-up servers for the most demanding workloads in your data center or across your enterprise.
II. BladeSystem :
HP BladeSystem is a modular infrastructure platform that converges server, storage and network fabric to accelerate operations and speeds delivery of applications and services running in physical, virtual, and cloud-computing environments. Designed to optimize virtually any workload, it is managed by a consumer inspired management platform that delivers unprecedented ease of use allowing you to deploy and manage your environment faster, at lower cost, and maximize productivity at any scale.
Enclosures: HP offers 2 types of enclosures in its Bladesystem lineup: HP C7000 and HP C3000
Server Blades
HP Virtual connect and networking


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