PB Series Power Filter

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The PB series are general filters, with good common mode and differential mode noise attenuation, suitable for suppression of noises in mid-high frequency. Meanwhile, the high-performance version of PB series will also be provided (PC series).

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Features Typical Applications
1 Electrical and electronic equipment
2 Office automation equipment
3 Household appliances
4 Data communication apparatuses
5 Medical equipment Technical Parameters 

Circuit Diagram



Standards Complied UL1283     EMI Filter

IEC60939Passive filter units for electromagnetic interference suppression Installation, Usage And Maintenance Installation, Usage and Maintenance
1 The filter should be installed at the input side of power supply, and the input & output leads should be as short as possible.
2 The filters should be grounded reliably.
3 No special maintenance is needed in normal use.


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