Security Threat Protection

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Intrusion Prevention System Protection from Core to Access Edge Automatic identification, location, isolation, and solution of threats Real-time attacker containment limiting incident impact Tight integration with Extreme Networks' Security Analytics

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Product Overview
Integrated security, visibility, and control for next-generation network protection
Extreme Security Threat Protection platform is designed to protect your business-critical network infrastructure through a unique combination of visibility, control and prevention. Extreme extends the abilities of traditional intrusion prevention systems by offering a next-generation solution that provides network security professionals with complete security, visibility and control over their network. Extreme Security Threat Protection helps reduce cost and complexity by consolidating point solutions into a single, extensible network security platform. And by controlling and eliminating non-critical, high-bandwidth activity, organizations can achieve additional cost savings within the infrastructure.

While organizations do require increasingly sophisticated security measures to address today’s security threats, reducing management complexity and containing administration costs are also top priorities. Extreme Security Threat Protection is an integrated solution that can help you accomplish all of these tasks. By combining several advanced capabilities, this solution can help prevent threats, provide critical insight into network activities and enable granular application control, helping to establish a new level of integrated, simplified security.


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