The ZGLJ-F1 Intelligent Lightning Monitor

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The ZGLJ-F1 Intelligent Lightning Monitor can have real-time and accurate monitoring of information about the lightning current and power frequency short-circuit current that struck the transmission tower. The monitoring host of system, through the GPRS wireless communication module, sends the monitored data to the principal computer, thus realizing remote networking monitoring. The system uses GPS for accurate timing and positioning, and users will receive alarm information from the monitoring center, providing a guarantee for rapid real-time maintenance. The wind and PV hybrid power system ensures 24-hour proper system work. The monitoring host of system (including the GPRS wireless module and GPS module), batteries, wind and solar controller and other key equipment are placed in a special underground tank to be buried, not only extending the life of batteries, but also solving the security problem. The supply assembly is mounted to the tower to a certain height, and security nuts, which can effectively prevent the loss of the installation accessories, are used; meanwhile, the lightning protection modules are buried inside the underground tank, providing professional lightning protection for all critical equipment to ensure their safety in case of lightning strokes

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Features 1 The system can monitor the waveform, amplitude, polarity, and time of occurrence of lightning currents. 
2 The system can monitor the waveform, amplitude, polarity, and time of occurrence of power frequency currents. 
3 The System is equipped with the device self-test function (supply voltage, system communications, etc.), and functions like the remote device parameters, status query, device reset, time synchronization, and factory rest can be realized. 
4 The system teleswitching can be done to the working state of device power supply, which can effectively improve the efficiency of supply and reduce system power consumption. 
5 The system is provided with the lightning parameters and active upload alarm for equipment failures. 
6 The background software is in a C/S or B/S structure, and client operations and query of monitoring data using the browser anywhere can be realized. Technical Data


Technical Parameters



Standards Complied Q/75875187-9.23-2010 Installation, Usage And Maintenance Installation
1 For system installation, see System Installation Manual for ZGLJ-F1 Multifunctional Multi-channel Lightning Real-time Monitoring and Alarm.  
2 The power must be off during the whole installation process.     
3 Ensure correct and firm connection of all cables.   
Usage and Maintenance
After all connections and check, turn on the power supply and close the power switch; if the power indicator on equipment shows “Green”, it indicates the system is normally energized.


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