The ZGQ-06(TY) Lightning Counter

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The inductance probe of ZGQ-6(TY) Lightning Counter is installed at the conductor (generally the earth wire) through which the lightning current passes. In case of a lightning current, the inductance probe collects the current signal, and transforms it into the voltage signal, which is sent to the display unit controlled by the SCM for recording after processed. The recording would continue until it reaches 999, and then is reset. Based on the principle of induction by current and display of 3-digit nixie tube, the lightning current whose amplitude is within 1.5kA~100kA is recorded

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Features 1 High sensitivity and strong anti-interference performance; 
2 Extra large dynamic area and accurate counting;   
3 Wide range of application, no need of energy, and easy installation  Technical Data


Technical Parameters


Circuit Diagram




Outside dimensions:78mmx60mmx54mm

    Fig.2 Dimensions drawing

Standards Complied IEC61643-21
YD/T 1542-2006
IEC61643-21 Installation, Usage And Maintenance Installation
1 The counter should be installed at the front end of lightning current discharge cable of lightning rod (or other direct lightning flash or induced lightning protection systems). During the installation, clamp the counter at the discharge cable with the dedicated fixed attachment. (Fig. 2)        
2 When installed outdoors, there should be simply constructed weather enclosure and rain cover for the counter.  
Usage and Maintenance
The counter needs no maintenance, except that the counting should be checked after a lightning storm for analysis


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