The ZGQ-3 (TY) Lightning Counter

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The ZGQ-3 (TY) Lightning Counter cannot only record lightning strokes in some area accurately and timely, but also effectively monitor the quality of lightning rod or other lightning protection systems and their installation. In case of lightning discharged to the earth, the count pulse is produced in the counter by the high lightning current through the induction effect between the counter and discharge cable, and after further processing by the internal circuit of counter, the lightning frequency is recorded

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Features 1 High sensitivity and strong anti-interference performance;  
2 Extra large dynamic area and accurate counting; 
3 Wide range of application, no need of energy, and easy installation Technical Data


Technical Parameters


Circuit Diagram




Standards Complied IEC61643-21
YD/T 1542-2006
GB 18802.21-2004 Installation, Usage And Maintenance Installation
1 The counter should be installed at the front end of diverting line for the current before discharged, with its bottom margin vertical and close to the discharge cable.   
2 When installed outdoors, there should be simply constructed weather enclosure and rain cover for the counter.  
3 After the installation, the base number of counter should be recorded for comparison with next observation and judgment of working conditions of counter and lightning protection system. 
Usage and Maintenance
The counter needs no maintenance, except that the counting should be checked after a lightning storm for analysis


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