ZGDJ Series of Copper-clad Steel Grounding Electrodes

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The ZGDJ Series of Copper-clad Steel Grounding Electrodes are made from a kind of double metal composite material, which is prepared by well-distributed adhesion of electrolytic copper molecules (99.95% purity) to the low carbon steel core. This technology ensures a permanent molecular connectivity between the copper layer and steel core. The strength of extension of the product is ≥600N/mm2, not only with the high strength, constant low resistivity, and strong magnetic permeability of steel, but also the good conductivity and anti-corrosion performance of copper

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1 Optimized anti-corrosion performance and conductivity: due to skin effect of current in the conductor, and exclusive anti-corrosion characteristic of copper materials; 

2 Various depths of copper layer: 0.25mm 0.33mm, 0.5mm, and 1mm for different geological environments; 

3 High strength, fit for deep drilling without damage, and meeting the demand of low resistivity in special occasions; 

4 Better connection and combination due to specially-made screwed connection; 

5 Convenient installation, simple construction by hand or machine, and low cost

Technical Parameters 

Standards Complied Q/75875187-9·6-2011 Grounding Body Installation, Usage And Maintenance


1 Choose a suitable installation place, and remove the bricks, concrete and other hard objects. 

2 Assemble the grounding electrode: 

Connect the drill, earth rod and terminal cover in turns. 

3 Place the grounding electrode: 

(1) Hold the earth rod and place it perpendicular to the ground, with the drill head down and terminal cover up; 

(2) Hammer it into the ground with an electric hammer or heavy punch (During the construction, one person hammers it into the ground, and another one holds it to keep it perpendicular to the ground.); 

(3) Take down the terminal cover after hammering it to a suitable depth; 

(4) Connect the lead-out wire; 

(5) Backfill the dug place with soil and clean the dregs around. 

Usage and Maintenance

When one set of grounding electrode can not meet the requirement of power frequency grounding resistance, two or more sets can be hammered into the ground by installing the connector and terminal cover, until the requirement is met; the terminal cover can be used repeatedly; connect the lead-out wire with grounding electrode body by welding, with an antiseptic treatment on the welding joint. 


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