ZGDX Series of Zinc-clad Steel Grounding Electrodes

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The ZGDX Series of Zinc-clad Steel Grounding Electrodes are a novel grounding product, mainly comprising the low-carbon steel and high-purity zinc; the high-purity zinc is heated and coated on the low-carbon steel to form the bimetal composite material through a special process. This product combines advantages of zinc with anode and traditional grounding material of galvanized steel, featured by the high strength, higher thermal stability and cathodic protection; the contact resistance is less than 0.5Ω, more scientific, more economic, and longer service life (over 50 years usually). The zinc-clad steel composite grounding electrode can be widely used not only in places which are protected by the grounding electrode and cathodic protection, but also used as the grounding product and cathodic protection product respectively

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1 The bimetal composite conductor is formed by heating the purity-zinc and coating it on the low carbon steel, an advanced process in China. 

2 With strong corrosion-resistance, the service life can reach over 50 years. The international advanced process for zinc-clad steel is used, and thus residues will not be leaved in the zinc-clad steel rod body; with antiseptic treatment on the rod surface, the problems of short service life caused by corrosion of traditional flat steel grounding and round steel grounding are overcome. 

3 With the surface 0# purity zinc, the thickness of zinc, which will not be damaged for its good conductivity and stable electrical specification, is larger than 3mm. 

4 Choose the low carbon steel with a large section to ensure the mechanical strength and thermal stability. 

5 The zinc with a certain thickness can be used as the sacrificial anode, to protect the grounding device, underground metal objects and related iron and steel equipment from corrosion, and thus the problems of cathodic protection and grounding are solved one-for-all and the engineering cost is lowered. 

6 Sparks are not produced in construction for explosion proofing

Technical Parameters 

Standards Complied Q/75875187-9·6-2011 Grounding Body Installation, Usage And Maintenance


1 Choose a suitable installation place, and remove the bricks, concrete and other hard objects. 

2 Place the grounding electrode: 

(1) Hold the earth rod and place it perpendicular to the ground, with the drill head down; 

(2) Hammer it into the ground with an electric hammer or heavy punch (During the construction, one person hammers it into the ground, and another one holds it to keep it perpendicular to the ground.); 

(3) Connect the lead-out wire when the grounding electrode is hammered to a certain depth; 

(4) Backfill the dug place with soil and clean the dregs around.


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