ZGJ-S104Xc Surge Protection Socket / Converter

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The ZGJ-S104Xc Surge Protection Socket / Converter is set up with the power supply surge protection circuit, with the lightning induced high voltage from the power supply transmission line to be discharged to the earth through surge protection components connected in parallel between the input end and earth wire. The product is characterized by a fast response speed, high discharge current, low limiting voltage, good overload protection, etc., which can not only well suppress the lightning induced high voltage, but also the overvoltage possibly emerging among lines, and thus the security of home appliances and office facilities is ensured

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Features 1 Degradation indication; 
2 IP20, UL94 V0 Technical Data

Technical Parameters


Configuration Overall dimensions: 231mm×78mm×38mm
Flammability: UL94 V0
Degree of protection: IEC 60529 IP20 Standards Complied GB2099.1-2008
GB 2099.3—2008 Installation, Usage And Maintenance Installation
Insert the three-pin power plug into the AC 220V power socket, and switch on the power supply; if the power supply and degradation indicators are both on, it indicates that the circuit works normally. 
Usage and Maintenance
1 After the lightning or overload, the overload protector trips, and the power supply indicator is off, with no power output from the socket. Just press the reset switch on the overload protector to get right. If the socket still works abnormally, please get in touch with professional personnel or contact us. 
2 After a long-term use, the degradation indicator is off, showing the degradation of power supply surge protection branch. 
3 The product applies to the single-phase three wire power supply system, with the total load power not exceeding 2.5kW. Note the L , N and PE, and do not reverse them.  
4 For better security, the grounding should be ensured well.


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