ZGJE Series of Grounding Observation Wells

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The ZGJE Series of Grounding Observation Wells are a preset object to test the performance of grounding device, used for observing and measuring the resistance of grounding system. This series of products can be widely used in some appurtenant works of grounding devices, for work grounding, protection grounding, anti-interference ground, lightning protection grounding, and anti-static grounding, providing convenience for grounding efficiency monitoring and grounding effect testing

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Technical Parameters 

Standards Complied The ZGJE Series of Grounding Observation Wells have various sizes and materials, with light-weight ones preferred; however, the heavy-duty observation well is usually used in heavy traffic regions. Move away the well lid, and connect the guide line of grounding resistance tester with the grounding conductor during resistance measuring. Installation, Usage And Maintenance

  • 1 Reserve a pit corresponding to the observation well on earth. 

2 Place the observation well in the reserved pit. 
3 Cross the through-hole in the bottom of observation well the grounding wire, and connect it with the copper bar built in the observation well. 
4 Fill and level up the surroundings of observation well except for the top part, and cover the observation well at last.



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