ZGJZ1 (TY) High Efficient Resistance Reducer

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The ZGJZ1 (TY) High Efficient Resistance Reducer is made from natural inorganic substances with features of stable performance, nontoxicity and harmlessness, and nonmetal materials protecting the metal grounding body. This product is characterized by the good conductivity, resistance to high impacts and easy construction. It is suitable for lightning protection grounding, working grounding of various electrical and electronic equipment, protective grounding, and antistatic grounding of explosive and flammability equipment and system, which can reduce the grounding resistance of grounding device, safe and reliable

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Technical Parameters 

Standards Complied

Q/75875187-9·6-2011 Grounding Body

GB 15618-1995            Environmental Quality Standard for Soils
Reference standard: Technical Specifications of Grounding Resistance Reduction Agent (2004)

Installation, Usage And Maintenance


1 Mix the resistance reducer with water by the ratio of 1: 0.8, and stir it to paste (completed in the container or on the iron plate). 
2 According to the engineering design requirements, digging (preferred) and drilling can be used for a vertically disposed grounding body: preset a pit, sprinkle water to make it humid, place the grounding body vertically, pour the mixed resistance reducer, and then fill soil for compaction (as is shown in the following figure). 
3 Horizontally disposed: Sprinkle water after digging a groove, put grounding body up (50~60mm), and pour the mixed resistance reducer to cover the grounding body averagely (the thickness of covering layer is about 50mm); wait for 30~50min quietly; backfill soil until the surface is solidified. Special care should be taken to make the grounding body have a close contact with the resistance reducer and soil. 
4 Pour the resistance reducer powder to the groove without water, but the usage should be increased properly; the effect will be obvious with time passing by.

Usage and Maintenance
1 The resistance reducer is powder, packaged by plastic bags (each 25kg). 
2 Store the resistance reducer in a dry warehouse without damage, with the shelf life of one year.


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