ZGLT28-1302 Single-phase Power Lightning Protection Filter

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The Product is a power filter with lightning protection function. At both ends of filter there is lightning protection design. The filtering features are outstanding, really good in common mode and differential mode noise suppression. Its response to lightning is fast, which enables reduction of influences from spikes, surges voltage to filters. The product is suitable for computers, terminal equipment, motor controllers, instrumentation, telemetry equipment, air conditioning lines, and all kinds of power equipment.

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Features 1 Excellent filtering performance, providing reliable electromagnetic compatibility; 
2 Automatic resetting after transients, needing no special maintenance and extra secondary protection;
3 Resin enclosure, for convenient installation & use and long service life Technical Data





Standards Complied GB/T 15287              Complete filter units for radio interference suppression 
GB18802. 1-2011         Surge protective devices connected to low-voltage power distribution systems - Part 1: Performance requirements and testing methods
UL1283                  EMI Filter
Q/75875187-9.1—2011    Box-type Power Supply SPD Installation, Usage And Maintenance

Installation, Usage and Maintenance                                                                            
1 The product is installed by use of screws, with the input wire and output wire totally separated. For typical installation instructions, see Fig. 2. 
2 The product should be installed at the downstream of power switch and fuse, near protected electrical equipment; and the fuse at the front end of product is necessary. 
3 The enclosure is non-metal; the ground terminal should have good bridging with equipment ground, and the ground wire should be as short & thick as possible. 
4 No special maintenance is needed in normal use.


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