ZGLT40-1301 Single-phase AC Power Filter

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This product is usually installed in the measurement and control devices, terminals, motor controllers, power chassis and other equipment. It can also be used for effective decoupling protection and in other industrial environments.

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Features 1 Excellent filtering performance, providing reliable electromagnetic compatibility;
2 Fine filtering characteristic in mid-high frequency Technical Parameters


GB/T 15287  Complete filter units for radio interference suppression  Installation, Usage And Maintenance Installation, Usage and Maintenance                                                                             
1 The product should be installed near protected electrical equipment, to shorten the length of input wire within the case and further reduce radiated interference. 
2 The enclosure of product should have electrical contact with enclosure of equipment; the ground terminal should have good bridging with equipment ground, and the ground wire should be as short & thick as possible.
3 The filter should be prevented from liquids, dust, or other corrosive gases. 
4 No special maintenance is needed in normal use


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