ZGXM-M2J-110 Signal SPD

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The ZGXM-M2J-110 Signal SPD can be used in the protection of the industrial control network, RS422/485 interface, automatic control and instrumentation lines, data lines, telephones, facsimile apparatus, and other equipment. The two-class protection is adopted, with the first class to shunt the current and the second to clamp the voltage. Once the transmission line is stricken by lightning strokes and surges, the SPD will shunt the lightning and surge current to the ground, clamping it to an acceptable range of equipment, which protects the equipment

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Installation, Usage And Maintenance Installation
1 Before connecting the SPD into the system, first check the grounding resistance of grounding grid, which should meet relevant requirements of specifications. 
2 Install the SPD on the grounding rail reliably. 
3 Unscrew the screws of connecting terminals with a screwdriver, and connect the signal line of system to the input end of SPD, and the output end to protected equipment; ensure a reliable connection of connecting terminals.    
Usage and Maintenance
1 There are the IN and OUT markings on the nameplate of SPD, and do not reverse them; otherwise the SPD will be damaged, and equipment cannot be effectively protected.   
2 Users cannot disassemble the fastening pieces of SPD at random, in order to avoid damage.


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