ZGZ-200-2 (TY) Lightning Rod

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The ZGZ-200-2(TY) Lightning Rod is a small direct lightning flash protective device to receive and divert the lightning current to the ground. It has a beautiful outline, light in weight and easy to be installed

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Features The ZGZ-200-2(TY) Lightning Rod is applicable to the direct lightning flash protection of the base station, communication equipment and small buildings (such as the residence, villa
Technical Parameters


Outline dimensions: φ150mm×2000mm

Standards Complied

GB 50057-2010 Design Code for Protection of Structures Against Lightning
Q/75875187-9•5-2011 Lightning Rod

Installation, Usage And Maintenance

1 Open the packing case, and take out the product. 
2 Place the lightning rod on the prepared foundation bed, and connect foundation bed with the base by using four M16×50 bolts which must tightened. 
Usage and Maintenance 
Check the following items before the thunderstorm season every year: 
1 All connections should be reliable.  
2 The grounding of the lightning rod must be good, and the ground resistance not greater than 10Ω.


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