ZGZD20-220 (TY)

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The ZGZD20-220 (TY) DC Power Supply SPD has operating and degradation indications and thermal separation. In case of lightning surges on incoming services, the lightning protection components inside the SPD will enter into a “Low Impedance” state with a response speed of nanosecond level, to discharge the lightning current to the earth; the overvoltage caused by lightning will be limited within a voltage range in which electric equipment can withstand, to ensure secure operation

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Features 1 Simple structure and easy installation, small and light; 
2 Overheat protection; 
3 Operating indication, degradation indication, and thermal separation; 
4 IP20, UL94 V0 Technical Data

Operating Environment

  • Technical Parameters 

    Circuit Diagram 



    Dimensions: 116mm×65.5mm×45mm

    Standards Complied GB 18802.1-2011 Surge protective devices connected to low-voltage power distribution systems. Part 1:performance requirements and testing methods  Installation, Usage And Maintenance Installation
    1 After fixing the SPD, connect it to the power supply of protected equipment according to the marks on the connecting terminal. The insulated copper wire with the cross-sectional area ≥ 2.5mm2 is used for connection, as short as possible, to reduce the grounding resistance. 
    2 After all the connections, switch on the power supply if everything is alright. The indicator turns to “Green”, showing the normal working of SPD.

    Usage and Maintenance 
    1 The product needs no special maintenance during normal use. Because it always has uninterrupted power supply, periodically check its working conditions, especially after lightning. If it is found that the indicator shows “Red”, the SPD should be changed. 
    2 The grounding system of the SPD should be checked at any moment in normal use, especially in lightning seasons, to keep it in a good state all the time. Otherwise, the lightning protection effect of the SPD will be influenced more or less. When the grounding wire PE opens, the SPD will lose its protective effect. 


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