ZGZH-20 (TY)

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The ZGZH-20 (TY) Combined SPD integrates protection of the power supply, video signal, and pan-fit control signal with itself, applied to protection of the camera of DC power supply 12V or other similar electronic equipment. It is connected among the DC power supply line, camera line and system equipment in series, preventing the surge pulses or transient overvoltage caused by the outside environment (such as lightning strokes, EMI, etc.) or by the system (such as switching effects of the system, startup or shutoff of the inductance and capacitance load, etc.) from damaging the equipment

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Features 1 Low residual voltage; 
2 Automatic disconnection from power supply in case of faults or failure; 
3 “Green” indicator for normal working; 
4 Metal case, beautiful appearance, and convenient installation and connection Technical Data 

Technical Parameters

  • Circuit Diagram 


Dimensions: 139mm×76.5mm×40.5mm

Standards Complied Q/75875187-9•1—2011 Box-type Power Supply SPD
Q/75875187-9•3—2011 Signal SPD Installation, Usage And Maintenance Installation
1 The product can be installed by using the screws, based on the actual situation. 
2 The enclosure is sand blasted aluminum; before the installation and use, please check if the product is intact. 
3 Connect the combined SPD among the input power supply, camera, and pan-fit control related equipment, and fix it at the installation site, with the input end connected to protected equipment. Note that the input and output of SPD should not be reversed, or else unnecessary damage will be caused. Switch on the power supply after check. When the indicator shows “Green”, it signifies normal working of SPD. 
4 The grounding is very important, with the grounding resistance ≤ 4Ω. 

Usage and Maintenance
1 The product needs no special maintenance during normal use. Because it always has uninterrupted power supply, periodically check its working conditions. If the “Green” indicator is on, the SPD works normally; if it is found that there is no output of signal or indicator off, the SPD should be replaced. 
2 Use the multimeter “Ω×1” to measure the resistance of the input/output terminal of video signal, which is about 1Ω, and if the circuit is open, the SPD should be replaced; the resistance between the core wire/enclosure and earth should be infinite. If the measured resistance values do not agree with the above-mentioned ones, the SPD should be replaced. 
3 Use the multimeter “Ω×1” to measure the resistance of the input/output terminal of pan-fit control signal, which is about 2.2Ω. And if the circuit is open, the SPD should be replaced. 
4 The grounding system of the SPD should be checked at any moment in normal use, especially in lightning seasons, to keep it in a good state all the time. Otherwise, the lightning protection effect of the SPD will be influenced more or less. When the grounding wire PE opens, the SPD will lose its protective effect.  

WARNING: For people not in charge of maintenance or not qualified, do not open the box at random. There is high voltage inside the equipment, so personal safety should be taken care of during maintenance. 


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