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I. Dell Compellent :
Boost application performance and efficiently scale on demand. Power critical workloads with intelligent, self-optimized, auto-tiered storage.
1. Dell Compellent SC8000 array Controller :
Enhance storage performance, efficiency and scalability with the next-generation Dell Storage SC8000 Storage Center Controller.
• Expandable to 960 drives
• Simultaneous FC, iSCSI and FCoE network support
• Auto-tiering, Compression, Data-at Rest security and other enterprise features
2. Dell Storage SC4020 all-in-one array :
Compact, affordable Storage Center solution for smaller deployments. Host up to 10,000 MS-Exchange mailboxes in a single 2U footprint.
• Dual controllers + 24 drive slots in 2U chassis
• Expandable to 120 drives 
• FC or iSCSI network support 
• Full integration with SC8000 for standalone or satellite use
3. Dell Compellent FS8600 NAS appliance :
Deploy with any SC Series array to host file and block storage from the same pool.
• Up to 2PB in a single namespace
• Helps cut capacity needed for unifiedstorage and file-intensive workloads by up to 48%
4. Dell Compellent SC200/SC220 Expansion Enclosures :
Add capacity to SC Series SAN or NAS environments with flexible, energy-efficient, next-generation SC200 and SC220 expansion enclosures.
• (24) 2.5” SAS drive slots (SC220) 
• (12) 3.5” SAS drive slots (SC200) 
• Flash support (SC220) 
• 80 PLUS® Silver-certified power supplies, Fresh Air technology
5. Dell Compellent SC280 Dense Enclosure :
Store more SAN or NAS data in a smaller cost-optimized footprint with the densest storage enclosure from any major storage vendor in its class.
• (84) 3.5” SAS drive slots 
• Up to 336 TB per 5U enclosure – deploy 2PB in single 48U rack
• 2-drawer drive bay design
6. Dell Compellent Flash-Optimized Solutions :
Both SC8000 and SC4000 series arrays support pure Flash or hybrid SSD/HDD solutions at extremely cost-effective price points.
• Deploy multiple flash tiers to leverage performance and cost-saving attributes of write- and read-intensive SSDs
• Up to 2x price advantage over other hybrid solutions
• Up to 5x price advantage over other all-flash solutions
II. Dell EqualLogic :
Consolidate data with virtualized iSCSI storage built on an intelligent peer architecture. Get auto-load balancing and built-in data protection.
1. Dell Storage PS4210 Series Arrays :
Self-managing storage designed for small businesses including a hybrid option that combines the low-latency advantage of SSD storage with HDD capacity in a single array. Each model retains industry-leading capabilities of EqualLogic and an ideal balance of performance, capacity and cost.
2. EqualLogic PS6210 Series Arrays :
EqualLogic PS6210 Series arrays bring a new level of performance to service more of your most demanding applications and virtualization requirements, while delivering the simplicity of the EqualLogic management experience. Featuring six array configurations, including 2U/2.5" drive options with All Flash and Hybrid Arrays, it is ideal for companies and organizations with growing data and performance needs.
3. EqualLogic PS4100 Series :
The Dell EqualLogic PS4100 Series is designed to address the needs of remote office/branch office and small-to-medium business storage deployments. The PS4100 series continues the EqualLogic tradition of scaling performance linearly with capacity.
4. Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Array :
The scalable and easy-to-manage Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Array can be streamlined to scale in minutes. Designed to manage with ease. Our award-winning blade servers and EqualLogic storage arrays are designed for ease of management, energy efficiency and high availability to help you avoid complexity and build a converged infrastructure that will scale as you grow.
5. EqualLogic PS6100 Series :
EqualLogic PS6100 Series arrays are designed to meet the performance and availability needs of virtualization environments. Featuring six array configurations, including 2U/2.5" drive options, there is an EqualLogic solution suited for your capacity and performance requirements.
6. EqualLogic PS6500 Series :
The EqualLogic PS6500 series models offer exceptional storage capacity and performance, and the PS6510 series models add the power of 10GbE technology and increased bandwidth performance for critical business applications, virtualization, storage consolidation and high-performance data backup and data protection.
7. Dell EqualLogic FS7600 and FS7610 with FluidFS v3 :
The FS7600 and FS7610 FluidFS NAS Appliances bring fully integrated, end-to-end unified storage to your 
EqualLogic storage solution. These appliances work with EqualLogic PS Series arrays to deliver the core benefits of the EqualLogic platform, including peer scaling, ease-of-use features and all-inclusive software licensing, plus offer advanced features that improve productivity and efficiency with the Dell Fluid File System.
8. EqualLogic Software :
EqualLogic™ all-inclusive software gives you the power to do more with both your new and existing EqualLogic PS Series arrays and FS Series Unified storage appliances.
III. Dell PowerVault :
Optimize storage with affordable, easy-to-use DAS, SAN and NAS solutions, designed for smaller-scale consolidation and virtualization projects.
1. PowerVault MD3 10Gb iSCSI SAN Storage Array Series :
Simplify data consolidation and management over your 10Gb iSCSI network with the high-performance PowerVault MD3 10Gb iSCSI array series. The high-speed 10GBASE-T architecture is designed to improve your high-performance data infrastructure. Options include 2U enclosures with 12 or 24 drives and the space-saving 4U MD3 dense enclosure with up to 60 drives.
2. PowerVault MD3 16Gb Fibre Channel Storage Array Series :
Add high-throughput, highly efficient Fibre Channel storage to your data center with PowerVaultMD3 Fibre Channel array series. The high-speed Fibre Channel architecture is ideal for high-performance and high-capacity storage requirements. Options include 2U enclosures with 12 or 24 drives and the space-saving 4U MD3 dense enclosure with up to 60 drives. 
3. PowerVault MD3 1Gb iSCSI SAN Storage Array Series :
Consolidate data storage with PowerVault MD3 1Gb iSCSI arrays, an affordable design for high availability across Ethernet networks, with easy scalability for increasing business demands. Options include 2U enclosures with 12 or 24 drives and the space-saving 4U MD3 dense enclosure with up to 60 drives.
4. PowerVault MD3 SAS Array Series :
Consolidate your storage in a shared-capacity PowerVault MD3 array designed for superb performance and affordable expansion. The Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) architecture is designed to directly connect up to four high-availability (HA)-configured servers or eight non-HA-configured servers to a single storage system. Options that include new 12Gb SAS arrays are available in 2U enclosures with 12 or 24 drives and the space-saving 4U MD3 dense enclosure with up to 60 drives.


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