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I. Converged Storage :
Eliminate the boundaries between IT silos and enable software-defined datacenters with architectures that dramatically simplify storage deployment and boost ROI.

II. Small and Midsize Business :
Whether you’re just starting out or expanding your business, HP has the storage and data protection solutions to keep your business moving forward.

III. Primary Storage :
Choose from modern designs built for mission-critical, virtualized, and ITaaS applications with offerings from entry to Tier-1 storage.

IV. Backup, recovery and archive :
Overcome legacy protection and retention challenges, modernize processes, and lower costs with the industry’s fastest and broadest tape and disk portfolio.

V. Software - Defined Storage :
Reduce cost up to 80% by eliminating dedicated hardware.2 Run shared storage, disk backup and application VMs on the same server.

VI. Storage Networking :
Accelerate connections from servers to storage with fabric offerings from entry to director class switches, plus HBAs, optics, and cables to complete your solution.


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