ZGU-200-3 (TY) Optimized Lightning Rod

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The ZGU-200-3(TY) Optimized Lightning Rod is a new type of direct lightning stroke protective device which is developed by our company based on the original patented invention technology. The process of receiving and discharging of lightning current is changed through the shunting and impedance current limiting technologies, and thus the problems of serious lightning induction and damage of ground potential counterattack existed in traditional lightning rods are solved. The product has a novel structure, a beautiful appearance, easy installation, and is decorative for the buildings

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Features The ZGU-200-3(TY) Optimized Lightning Rod is applicable to the direct lightning stroke protection of various important buildings / structures, especially the ones with concentrated electronic information devices, such as the TV station, broadcast tower, communication base station, and steel pylons. Technical Parameters


The ZGU-200-3(TY) Optimized Lightning Rod is made up of the air-termination system, locknuts, ball, impedance unit, and base. 




Standards Complied

GB 50057-2010 Design Code for Protection of Structures Against Lightning
Q/75875187-9•5-2011 Lightning Rod

Installation, Usage And Maintenance

1 Open the packing case, take out the packing list, and inspect if all parts and components are complete and well. 
2 Place the optimized lightning rod on the prepared foundation bed (the erection datum plane is required to be parallel to the horizon), and connect the base (5) with the foundation bed by using 6-M16×50 bolts. 
3 Set into the double-screw bolt at the top of the ball (3) the Φ27 grower washer, and install the air-termination system (1) on that double-screw bolt, with the screw thread screwed in place and tightened (the upper surface of the grower washer and round nut must be on the same level); the anaerobic adhesive can be applied to the double-screw bolt in the high altitude environment.
4 Check whether the air-termination system is skewed, and fill up an adjustable liner between the erection datum plane and base (5) if so.  
5 Weld the downlead with the base (5).
Usage and Maintenance
Check the following items before the thunderstorm season every year: 
1 All connections should be reliable.  
2 The resistance from the air-termination system to the base should not be greater than 1Ω. 
3 The downlead grounding must be well, and the ground resistance not greater than 10Ω (it can be appropriately relaxed in areas with high soil resistivity). 


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