ZGDG-8A High Efficient Ion Grounding Electrode

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Putting the Φ40 cold drawing steel tube to use, the ZGDG-8A High Efficient Ion Grounding Electrode, with its surface coated with copper, nickel, and chromium, contains the specailly-made electrolytic ion compound. It boasts the advantages of good grounding effect, better anticorrosion performance, repeated use, etc., suitable for the grounding protection of mobile monitoring stations and oil tank trucks, anti-static grounding, DC working earthing, AC working earthing, protective grounding

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Features The high efficient ion grounding electrode has a rock drill with itself, topping the drill stem structure, and can be directly drilled into the earth conveniently with the general rock drill. It contains the electrolytic materials, which can absorb moisture to improve the soil, reduce the local soil resistivity, and further reduce the grounding resistance. The grounding electrode can be repeatedly used after the antiseptic treatment Technical Parameters Configuration Overall dimensions: Φ45mm×860mm

Standards Complied Q/75875187-9·6-2011 Grounding Body Installation, Usage And Maintenance


1 Connection method

The grounding electrode is connected with jointing clamps and stranded copper wires (the sectional area greater than 35mm2 and the length not shorter than 2.5m). 

2 Electrode arrangement

According to local conditions, the round or radial arrangement is adopted ordinarily, with the distance between grounding electrodes not shorter than 2m. 

3 Burying method                                                                           

⑴ When burying the grounding electrode, the square bore method is adopted. 

⑵ Tear down the tape around the infiltration hole of grounding electrode, and drill it into the earth with the rock drill, showed in the picture: 

⑶ Sprinkle some water all around the grounding electrode, and connect the outgoing line to the drill stem. 

4 Recovery

⑴ After the earthing, the grounding electrode can be recovered by pulling it out easily.

⑵ Rub or clean the dust and dirt around the grounding electrode and connecting lines, seal the infiltration hole with the adhesive tape, and package it with the plastic bag, for next-time use



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