ZGDK-24 Fast Loading Grounding Electrode

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The ZGDK-24 Fast Loading Grounding Electrode is a kind of vertically installed steel grounding body. The copper, nickel, and chromium coatings on the surface not only enhance the corrosion resistance, but also give the advantages of high conductivity, convenient installation, and super electrical performance, which can be used as the lightning protection grounding, static protective ground, working earthing, and protective earthing. The grounding body applies to the city building earth mat, or the devices and equipment that must be grounded indoors where the earth mat cannot be designed; meanwhile, it is suitable for the clay, sandy soil, etc. In a word, it is integrated with simplicity, expeditiousness, economy and practicality

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Technical Parameters 

Configuration Overall dimensions: Ф28mm×2500mm 

Standards Complied Q/75875187-9·6-2011 Grounding Body Installation, Usage And Maintenance


1 During construction, connect the grounding electrode with the jointing sleeve, and then screw in the conical head and hammer pin that must have reliable contact with the grounding electrode. After that, join the hammer head to the electrical hammer and the hammer pin together. Start the electric hammer and push it heavily to hammer the grounding electrode down into the ground. When requirements are met, screw in and tighten the connecting terminal, inject some water into peripheral clearance around the grounding electrode, and then lead out the earth wire. 

2 During construction, if there is no high-power electric hammer, an iron hammer can be used to hammer the grounding electrode down into the ground.

3 The distance among multiple vertical grounding electrodes should be greater than the sum of lengths of two neighboring electrodes. Stranded copper conductors (BVR-25mm2) can be used to connect or weld two different grounding electrodes, with antiseptic treatment. 

4 For the cement, tile, or granite floor, you can first use an electric hammer with the length of 400mmΦ30 to drill the ground until the soil layer, and then hammer the grounding electrode down into the ground. 

5 If hard stones or cement blocks stop you going any further, use a welding-cutting tool to cut the grounding electrode (5cm above the ground), and then weld on a connecting terminal, with antiseptic treatment after welding. 

6 If the soil quality is good, a number of grounding electrodes can be hammered down into the ground with the depth greater than 2.4m. 

7 Pay attention to prevent the loosening of the connecting terminal, and avoid corrosion caused by corrosive materials and water. 

8 The service life can reach 20 years or more.

9 The construction diagram is as shown in the right picture. 


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