ZGGF50-385B Modular Power Supply Surge Protective Device

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The ZGGF50-385B Modular Power Supply SPD is a 35mm rail mounted surge protective device for various system configurations (TN, TT and IT) for use in the primary power system for protecting installations against direct lightning flashes and induced surges, made from special non-metallic materials, fully sealed designed with the stack discharge technology, and characterized by the high discharge capacity, low residual voltage, no arc leakage, no leakage current, high follow current extinguishing capability, easy connection, etc.

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1 High discharge capacity and low residual voltage;  

2 Fully sealed design, no arc leakage, no leakage current, and high follow current extinguishing capability; 

3 Working and failure indications;  

4 Small-sized, 90mm×36mm×70mm

Technical Data

Operating Environment

Technical Parameters


Circuit Diagram 


Dimensions: 90mm×36mm×70mm (W×H×D)

Standards Complied 

IEC 61643-1:2005      Surge protective devices connected to low-voltage distribution systems - Part 1: Technical requirements and testing methods
EN 61643-11/A11:2007  Low-voltage surge protective devices - Part 11: Surge protective devices connected to low-voltage power distribution systems
UL 1449 ed3               UL 1449 Third Edition
GB18802.1-2011        Surge protective devices connected to low-voltage power distribution systems – Part 1: Performance requirements and test methods

Installation, Usage And Maintenance


1 The SPD can be applied to the single-phase and three-phase TT/TN/IT power systems after some combination as required, to satisfy protection needs of different power systems. The SPD is installed on the standard 35mm guide rail. With the “Kevin Wiring Mode” preferred, the following wiring method can also be adopted.     

2 The SPD should be installed behind the fuse of the power supply circuit. The capacity of the fuse can not exceed 315A gL/gG; otherwise a 315A gL/gG/gD fuse should be provided in the surge protection branch circuit.    

3 Refer to Fig. 3 for connection, according to the marks on the SPD. The insulated copper connecting line with the sectional area not less than 10mm2, withstand voltage not lower than 500V AC, and stripping length of 13~15mm is the best. The line should be as short as possible, i.e., not exceeding 0.5m. The grounding is reliable, meeting relevant standard requirements.   

Wiring Diagram



Usage and Maintenance 

1 After failure of SPD, the “Green” indicator on the panel is off, showing the SPD should be replaced.   

2 The grounding system of the SPD should be checked at any moment in normal use, especially in lightning seasons, to keep it in a good state all the time; otherwise, the lightning protection effect of the SPD will be influenced more or less. When the grounding wire PE opens, the SPD will lose its protective effect.


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