ZGGH20-275 Modular Power Supply Surge Protective Device

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The ZGGH20-275 Modular Power Supply SPD consists of a ZGGH20-275MK power supply module and a ZGGH20-DZ1 base, used for secondary and tertiary protection of the AC/DC system L(+)-N(-) and L(+)/N(-)-PE. It is connected between AC/DC power supply and system equipment in series or in parallel. It can prevent equipment from the impulse surge and transient overvoltage caused by the outside environment (such as lightning, EMI, etc.) or by the system (such as switching effects of the system, startup or shutoff of the inductance and capacitance load, etc.).

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1 Anti-reverse slot design; 

2 Low residual voltage; 

3 Overtemperature protection;  

4 Failure indication and central remote signalling alarm dry contact;   

5 IP20, UL94 V0 1  

Technical Data

  • Operating Environment

  • Technical Parameters 

  • Circuit Diagram


  • Configuration

    Dimensions: 90×18×69 (Fig. 2)

    For mounting on: DIN 35mm standard guide rail

    Flammability: UL94 V0

    Degree of protection: IEC 60529 IP20


    Standards Complied

    IEC 61643-1:2005 

    UL 1449 ed3

    Installation, Usage And Maintenance

    1 This product can only be installed and maintained by qualified professionals. The installation position cannot be touched by hands. Ensure that it is unpowered before installation.
    2 The SPD should be installed behind the fuse (FU1) of the power supply circuit, with the capacity of the fuse not exceeding 25A gL/gG; otherwise another fuse (FU2) should be provided in the surge protection branch circuit. 
    3 Refer to Fig. 1, Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 for connection according to the marks on the SPD, with L or DC “Positive” to “L” of SPD, N or DC “Negative” to “N” of SPD, and “ ” to PE. There are “IN” and “OUT” markings on the SPD, and the input and output connections must be reliable. 
    4 Connection of remote signalling alarm: the SPD is provided with remote signalling alarm interfaces 11 and 12 (normally short-circuited; abnormally open), applicable for remote centralized monitoring or alarm. 
    5 After the connection, check if the module is fitted in before powered on. If normal, the “Green” indicator is on.

    Wiring Diagram

    Usage and Maintenance
    1 After failure, the ZGGH20-275 Modular Power Supply SPD shall be automatically disconnected with the power supply circuit through the internal thermal fuse system, the “Green” indicator in the display window is off, and remote signalling interfaces 11 and 12 are closed. When the “Green” indicator is off or there’s a remote alarm signal, the SPD should be changed immediately.    
    2 The display window of the SPD must be checked after the lightning storm.


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