Bộ nguồn ngoài trời ESOA300-HAF Series

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When dealing with the challenge of external force, Delta Outdoor Power System is the optimal choice no matter in tropic or in arctic.

EOSA300-HAF Series is the outstanding outdoor power system with flexibility. To meet the specific demand, not only the size and the wall layers, the configuration inside and thermal systems are also adjustable, makes EOSA300-HAF Series your most suitable solution.

Safer system makes lower cost. Besides IP55 class enclosure, the keyless design, e-lock, with remotely door control and local RFID access function also strengthens all

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Bộ nguồn ngoài trời ESOA300-HAF Series


Features and Benefits

16U housing space for telecoms equipment
Battery space up to 12V battery 8 blocks
24 / 7 Monitroing and Control



3G / 4G / 5G
Fixed Line


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