Delta Launches a Series of New Vivitek Products and Announces the NovoAssured Learning Program at CES 2017

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Delta Launches a Series of New Vivitek Products and Announces the NovoAssured Learning Program at CES 2017


Las Vegas, January 5, 2017 — Delta Group, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, together with its brand, Vivitek, a leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products, today launched the newest additions to the Vivitek NovoConnect Family: the NovoEnterprise and NovoTouch, wireless collaboration systems, and its newest Digital Signage Solution, the NovoDS4K. NovoEnterprise is an advanced wireless collaboration system, supporting 4K-resolution video streaming. Together with its accessory, LauncherPlus, NovoEnterprise creates a plug-and-play collaboration solution in a multi-user/multi-OS environment. Delta also announced the NovoAssured Learning program, a joint venture between Vivitek, Starin Marketing and Purdue University College of Education Learning Design and Technology program area, to promote collaborative, digital learning in classrooms using Vivitek’s technology. These cutting-edge offerings, along with Vivitek’s real 4K Ultra HD projector HK2288 and Ultra Short-throw Laser projector DH765Z-UST, will be available to demo at CES 2017, booth 20936 LVCC South Hall 1.

“With our extensive design and engineering experience, Delta is always striving to develop products that exceed industry standards and end-user expectations,” said Ping Cheng, CEO of Delta Electronics. “The Vivitek brand is no different, with an impressive pipeline of innovative NovoConnect solutions to spark the next generation of wireless collaboration.”

“Helping people whether in schools or business, make connections, work together, and share ideas is tremendously important to how we better communicate both professionally and personally and is continuously changing with new technology” added M.S. Huang, President Delta Americas. “Vivitek products are energy efficient, reliable, and intuitive to use for users, helping build and strengthen the Vivitek brand in the Americas market”.

New NovoConnect Solutions Spark the Next Generation of Wireless Collaboration

New NovoConnect solutions include NovoEnterprise, NovoTouch LK7530i, and NovoDS4K. The NovoEnterprise is a best-in-class Ultra HD 4K wireless presentation and collaboration system for the work environment. Presenters and participants can interact and share digital content via a computer, tablet or smartphone. NovoEnterprise can connect up to 64 users and display up to four windows simultaneously on one screen.

“The NovoConnect solutions represent the next generation of wireless collaboration technologies,” said Jeff Fu, General Manager of the Display Solutions Business Unit, Delta Electronics. “The NovoAssured Learning program is just one example of the benefits that a clutter-free, dynamic environment can have on productivity and engagement.”

This technology has a range of exciting applications. For instance, the NovoEnterprise can be used to inject a new level of participation into your next conference room meetings. By pairing the NovoEnterprise with one of Vivitek’s state-of-the-art projectors, such as the Qumi Q8 LED 1080p pocket projector, participants can take turns easily sharing content right on the conference room wall, whether it is a picture on their phone from a recent event or a pertinent graph that is saved on their tablet.

With the LauncherPlus, optional accessory, Windows or Mac computers can connect to the NovoEnterprise without software installation or network configuration. The Remote Management software application allows the pool of NovoEnterprise devices installed in an office setting to be easily monitored and serviced remotely by IT teams.

An Ultra HD 4K 75” interactive large format display, the NovoTouch LK7530i, which integrates NovoConnect technologies with an interactive display, is a simple-to-use wireless presentation and collaboration solution. The interactive display supports up to a 20-point finger touch capabilities (10-point writing, 20-point touch). It is the perfect solution for wireless presentation and content sharing. It includes additional enhanced functions, such as voting and polling.

The NovoDS4K is an Ultra HD 4K digital solution for creating on-the-spot content for instantaneous signage. This digital signage appliance enables users to generate true-4K digital signage content through easy-to-use software features without the need for any programming

NovoAssured Learning Program Encourages Interactive Teaching through Technology

The NovoConnect Family of products can be used in numerous applications from the individual level for business presentation to the enterprise level for widespread collaboration. For the education market, the NovoConnect product line serves as the technological foundation of the newly announced NovoAssured Program, a joint venture between Vivitek, Starin Marketing, and Purdue University College of Education Learning Design and Technology program area. The cornerstone technology for the program, Vivitek’s NovoPro, is a wireless presentation and collaboration system that can wirelessly connect with up to 64 participants via PCs, tablets or other portable devices. Through this intuitive collaboration technology and the NovoAssured Learning program’s support resources, educators are equipped with the necessary tools to bestow their students with an engaging, creative, digital learning experience.

“The NovoAssured Learning program can help educators with their blended or project-based learning objectives,” said Tim Newby, Program Convener of Learning Design and Technology, Purdue University. “The NovoConnect technologies are intuitive and feature-rich allowing for endless possibilities when planning lessons. Implementation of the program is broken into stages and made easy with assistance checkpoints to assure a successful teaching transformation.”

New Vivitek Projectors Bring Cinema Quality to the Home and Classroom

The Vivitek HK2288 4K Ultra HD projector will serve as the first offering in Delta’s new 4K Home Cinema Projector Product Series, which is expected to grow throughout 2017. The HK2288 features a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, 2,000 ANSI lumens, 50,000:1 contrast ratio and can project an image that exceeds 327”. For educational settings, Delta is introducing its first Ultra Short-Throw (UST) Laser projector, the DH765Z-UST. The UST technology ensures that there is no glare in the presenter’s eyes and that the image is shadow-free. The DH765Z-UST features full 3D functionality, a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, 3,500 ANSI lumens, 12,000:1 contrast ratio, long life light source for up to 20,000 hours, and capable of projecting an image up to 150” (diagonal).


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